I make music in my spare time. Mostly electronic dance, trance, rhythmic, meditative music with fancy beats, vintage-sounding virtual analog synthesizers, massive grand pianos, phat bass lines, and bongo drums. I compose, perform, mix, master, produce, and release everything myself under a Creative Commons license.


Mezurashico, LLC is my newly started company through which I conduct my software engineering business.



Software, Japanese language studies, and other generally geeky stuff. You can skip directly to reading about Japanese language, the JLPT, learning Chinese, or programming projects for instance.

ナントイイマスカ Japanese

Daily life, travels, and explorations recorded for posterity.

only in sweden Swedish

Just me ranting about the news. Nobody reads this blog.

Web Sites

What Language Is This? EnglishJapanese

Web-based tool for identifying what language any piece of text is written in.

Paint My Blog

Embed a light-weight AJAX painting canvas onto any web page allowing visitors to paint together in real time.

Web-Based Games

Unreal Soccer EnglishJapanese

It's better than real. This was the first web-based game I published. It doesn't work with Internet Explorer though.

Minesweeper EnglishJapaneseSwedish

It's the classic minesweeper game pimped up for the web 2.0. I really like minesweeper myself...

Sudoku EnglishJapanese

A web-based sudoku with thousands of puzzles of varying difficulty. Sudoku isn't my cup of tea.

Programming Projects


Ruby extension that uses libsmbclient to connect to Windows file shares.

Ajax Messaging Library

Library that can be used to send messages between clients connected to a web page, implemented in PHP and JavaScript.

My Opera Widgets


My resume

Always up to date.

un.kcl@f EnglishJapaneseSwedish

That's my email address. Feel free to send me an email any time!

Japanese for Programmers

A page I'm running on Squidoo for software developers wanting to work in Japan. I'm collecting Japanese words and expressions that are useful for software engineers.

The Historical Development of Japanese Capital Cities, Their Houses, Temples, and Gardens

A paper I wrote at the university.

豆福珈琲 Japanese


Social Networking

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