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Since the language analyzer is becoming one of the most used web services that I run, the other day I was thinking that it would be cool get it its own domain (and a .com domain costs just 50 SEK (around 850 yen in normal times) anyway). So I was thinking about what domain name to get – that isn’t already taken – and well, one of the most common search phrases people use to find the language analyzer is “what language is this webpage/blog/text/whatever” and luckily whatlanguageisthis.com was available, so there it is! I think it’s quite easy to remember and very easy to tell people. 4 stars out of 5, perhaps? Pretty good.

Setting up the new site was pretty easy; it’s essentially just a php script that chdirs into the language analyzer directory and continues from there as before.

I also did another nice update: the data file that the app uses to identify the language is now downloaded after the page and all the application javascript files have loaded. That means the page should load much faster, and the user can start reading the instructions or entering text while the data is being downloaded in the background. If the user clicks “Go” before the data file is downloaded, it will stop and wait, while displaying a typical web 2.0-ish loading indicator.

I’m planning to add support for more languages soon, and improve identification of similar-looking languages even further. Anyway, here’s the url for the new site again:

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143 Responses to “What Language Is This? Dot Com!”

  1. ronin1770 says:

    loved the website and its results. How about sharing code.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Gabiing malinaw
    madulom ang tanan
    gawas lang sa Batang Hesus
    nga gibantayan man nila
    sa langitnong kalinaw
    nia'ng Mesiyas karon.

    this is silent night in cebuano, Philopino language.
    The Program suggest tagalo, Philipino language, i.e. very near, but not exactly. ???

  3. Karl Henrik Falck says:

    Hi, Cebuano is currently not supported, but I'll add it in the next update (some time after New Year). Thanks for providing the sample text!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Tried entering simple Bangla phrases transliterated in English.

    I LOVE YOU = Ami tomate bhalobashi.

    I DON'T SPEAK BANGALI = Ami Bangla janna na.

    The system said it was Bosnian… Does it only pick up Bengali when written in the native characters?


  5. Karl Henrik Falck says:

    Yes, unfortunately transliterated texts are not supported (as mentioned on the about page). If writing Bangla using latin script is common then I'll certainly add support for it, but I cannot find a reasonably large source of Bangla texts written in latin characters…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thank you – Thank you!! Wonderful tool, very easy to use.

  7. AmazingK says:

    It seems a hard work for this widget to tell Chinese character. I tried to paste some Chinese character, and the result is always "unknown".

  8. Anonymous says:

    add on to firefox see lot of people using that but still very good site /software

  9. a. nahnemus says:

    is there an email address where i can send mr. falck a picture to see if he can identify the language in it? It's a small piece of writing, but so far i have had absolutely no luck identifying it. Thank you.

  10. Karl Henrik Falck says:

    a. nahnemus,

    Please send it to f [at] lck . nu (i.e. my last name falck with the a replaced by @ and add .nu)

    If I can't recognize it (which is quite probable) I'll put it on whatlanguageisthis.com and ask the visitors for help. I'm sure someone will know!

  11. THANGA MANI says:


  12. Heidi says:

    great site ! thanks

  13. Karl Henrik Falck says:


  14. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone tell me what language this is?

  15. Karl Henrik Falck says:

    That's Chinese. I don't know why the identifier doesn't recognize that sentense… it should be easy. I'll look into it.

  16. Jeff Enaminger says:

    A spell check would make this site awesome!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Nice tool. Tried to see if it can identify Chinese and Arabic togeather. And it returned Arabic. I think would be more intresting if it can recognise mixed languages. Do you offer any APIs.?

  18. Karl Henrik Falck says:


    Thanks! There is support for identifying mixed texts, but in this case I suspect the amount of Arabic outweighed the Chinese by too much.

    I am currently working on offering different APIs, so please stay tuned…

  19. francis says:

    how can i translate Malay to English? specifically "ngiyazi ukuthi keng le oyingwetseng mo"

  20. eddotnet5000 says:

    can you provide a RESTful API to this? lots of developers could use it – including me :)

  21. Karl Henrik Falck says:

    Francis, sorry I don't know of any Malay-English translation tool… :(

    The resulting app should follow the REST principles since there's not really any state to represent anyway, I think. :)

  22. francis says:

    thnx Henrick, ecco un bel sito di recente ho scoperto che mi è stato utilizzato per tutto il resto. http://www.nicetranslator.com/ un altro sono i problemi con l'Esperanto, che è affascinante per me. (la lingua, non il problema!)

  23. Anonymous says:

    This is a great tool! Thanks for putitng it together. It has been extremely useful to me!

  24. Karl Henrik Falck says:

    Thanks a lot for your encouraging words!

  25. Fatima. De. PN says:

    It was really great !

    well done !

  26. chimala says:

    Hi, Very nice and it does a great job every time. Do you have a API for using this from a web service or is the code available from you. It would be nice if many people can use this in their applications.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone translate this for me?

    como stas muchachito? ya me operaron do pie todo bien….stoy estudiando el lunes empiezo la escuela besitos..claro k me acuerdo! todo bien, ya stoy operada…todo bien

  28. Anonymous says:

    Thank you! This site is excellent! =]

  29. Anonymous says:

    wow this was really helpful thx so much :)

  30. pigeon toes says:

    Thank you very much. Have Stefan Zweig biography of Balzac written in this language.

  31. Serge says:

    Henrik, Thanks so much for this web app. It's great. Keep up the good work buddy

  32. Karl Henrik Falck says:

    Thanks a lot, Serge, pigeon toes, and everyone!

  33. commoncents says:

    i posted "La 18 ani e cam devremw sÃ-pi faci griji pentru vÃrsta ta"
    and it tranlated as Bosnian, or possibly croatian or serbian. My hunch is that it could be Aramanian. I would like to learn it but there is not much support around for it. your thoughts? i can post more if you like. my keyboard does not support all the letters and such so it's tough.

  34. Karl Henrik Falck says:


    Thanks for your comment. I agree that the language is Romanian. However, it's a bit garbled (encoding problems?) and misspelled ("devremw" should be "devreme", I think).

    Romainian is supported by whatlanguageisthis.com… could you try again with the text correctly encoded and spelled? If that doesn't work, then please do let me know, so that I can improve the support for Romanian.

  35. Catherine says:

    this is so helpful! thank you!

  36. armando says:

    really cool program, im going to bookmark it :)

  37. Anonymous says:

    language name not showing properly

  38. Karl Henrik Falck says:

    Anonymous, could you please tell me what web browser software (name and version) you're using? I've heard this before but I can't reproduce it. I test the site in various versions of IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera…

  39. anirudh says:

    It rocked!

  40. anirudh says:

    Karl …Thank you so much man…I was able to impress some friends of mine who challenged me to find which language a piece of text belonged to…..

  41. Ecologio, o Relógio de Pulso Ecológico says:

    Hi, Henrik. This app is just fantastic. I've needed it for my entire virtual life (which is what? Like 14 years-old now) and I'm glad I finally found it. I'm sure you'll have conditions to improve it and I wish you the very best!

  42. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for your website it helped identify a hacker. good health to you.

  43. phil says:

    i am doing research on languages as part of my degree, i stumbled across this website and love it!!! but i have only one query….how does the program identify what language has been used? does it use some sort of algorithm or does it just compare sections against a database of languages?? thanks

  44. Henrik Falck says:

    Hi Phil, I’m glad to hear you like the site. It’s a combination of analyzed and refined data and algorithms. Since the program runs in the browser the data needs to be very small, since it’s downloaded (otherwise the site would be slow). If it ran on the server, a large database could be used and I believe that in that case it would be much simpler to develop the algorithms, similar to how google’s language identification works; by just comparing the input to a huge database. So my software uses small, refined data with only the statistically significant (not meant in a scientific way; I’m an engineer and do things by intuition) data about each language. I’ve then hand-written a lot of algorithms to improve the results from the statistical analysis. Well that’s about it… it’s the result of years of trying out what works best, essentially. :)

  45. Phil says:

    hi, me again
    This seems very complex. first of all, what do you mean by statistically significant data? And also… In what way do your algorithms improve the results obtained?
    Only reason i am so curious is due to the fact that i am hoping to use some of the results gained from this website in a presentation and need to provide details upon how it all works???

  46. Anonymous says:

    Phil, by “statistically significant” I mean that I have refined the data on each language down to only the bits that sets it apart from other languages. For example, “-ing” is a common word ending in English, but it’s also common in the other northern European languages, so while it’s a good indicator that the language might be English, it’s not very useful when trying to identify for certain. I have written algorithms to improve the results when identifying very similar languages (such as the Scandinavian ones, Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian/Slovak, Dutch/Afrikaans, etc, still no luck with Indonesian/Malay tho). Feel free to email me if you have further questions, I would also be interested in your presentation. My email address is on the upper right at http://henrikfalck.com/ (to avoid spam, it’s not a link and it’ll be backwards if you copy-paste it).

  47. Henrik Falck says:

    Phil, by “statistically significant” I mean that I have refined the data on each language down to only the bits that sets it apart from other languages. For example, “-ing” is a common word ending in English, but it’s also common in the other northern European languages, so while it’s a good indicator that the language might be English, it’s not very useful when trying to identify for certain. I have written algorithms to improve the results when identifying very similar languages (such as the Scandinavian ones, Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian/Slovak, Dutch/Afrikaans, etc, still no luck with Indonesian/Malay tho). Feel free to email me if you have further questions, I would also be interested in your presentation. My email address is on the upper right at http://henrikfalck.com/ (to avoid spam, it’s not a link and it’ll be backwards if you copy-paste it).

  48. Phil says:

    Thankyou very much!!!!
    I will be sure to email you a copy of it as soon as I am finished!!
    Once again thankyou, you’ve been very helpful!
    Thanks :)

  49. Nadia says:

    … it’s not working for me…

  50. Henrik Falck says:

    Nadia, what web browser and version are you using?

  51. Shelly says:

    The last few times I’ve tried to use the What Language Is This website when I paste my entry into the box I get the following message:


    I’ve let it run for over 10 minutes but it does not go to the next step.

  52. Henrik Falck says:

    Hi Shelly, it should definitely not take more than a couple of seconds to load the data. What web browser (and version) are you using?

  53. visitor says:

    hi, nice tool, why it cant identify korean?
    this string : 네이버 :: 세상의 모든 지식, 네이버
    taken from website title of Naver.com

  54. Joshua says:

    “Etiam non eros at nisi euismod dignissim vel malesuada elit”
    Which is found from more searching is actually mostly Latin resolved to Tagalog in this search. It doesn’t seem close at all. Does your site support Latin? Also, could you show a relevancy list rather than a single result. Anyway, nice site tho.

  55. Henrik Falck says:

    Joshua, yeah Latin isn’t currently supported as it’s not often found on the net. I’d like to add it some time though. For some reason, unknown languages often end up being classified as Tagalog. I guess Tagalog just looks like an average language. :)

  56. Dion says:

    It would be good to show the encoding as well.

  57. MRBid says:

    Your language detection tool seems to be good. Have we the chance to be able to create a .net library ?????

  58. nick says:

    this fuckin sucked gave me the wrong language and i failed my test

  59. Gail says:

    Apparently, images are not supported, which doesn’t help me, since most of the language characters I need to identify are in image format. Google Chrome doesn’t support all characters encoded in different languages and Windows doesn’t support Chinese at all, so in order to see them, they have to be image files.
    It would be useful if a person could simply type in a URL, the way you can with Tin Eye or What the Font.

  60. cb says:

    Awesome! Thank you…

  61. Ed says:

    hello! thanks for letting me know the language… btw, can’t translate it to english

  62. vsanta says:


    do you have an API for your service? I loved this and I really needed something like that for a project I’m about to start.

  63. Estonian says:

    “Tere, vana sôber! Kuidas käsi käib?” – Your website announces: This language iss Slovenia (possibly Croatian or Serbian”. WRONG!!! It’s in Estonian that is not even close to those suggested Slavic languages! (Estonian belongs to Finno-Ugric languages)
    I tried again: “Tere, inimene! Mis tuju sul täna on?” – your website: “The language is Bosnian”. WRONG! It’s ESTONIAN!

  64. Henrik Falck says:

    Thank you for providing example sentences. I will improve the recognition of Estonian.

  65. Adam says:

    Frickin’ amazing!!!

  66. Sarah says:

    I think you should be able to just put a single word or small phrase in. That would be very helpful.

  67. reena says:

    hey dear thanks….i badly needed it…

  68. Gowrisankar N says:

    I’m using IE 9 on a Windows 7 system. The site is not working for me. When i copy pasted the “Etiam non eros at nisi euismod dignissim vel malesuada elit” from one of the comments here itself, a “Loading” message keeps rotating. I’m not getting result.

    If i use firefox, i get results almost in couple of seconds.

  69. anas elattar says:

    I want to ,noew what nlanuage this messade was written

  70. anas elattar says:

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Linda Scott
    Date: Wed, Jun 22, 2011 at 10:30 AM
    Subject: Really Happy and very excited
    To: Anas Elattar

  71. anas elattar says:

    what language was used for message;
    from:linda scott
    Date: Wen, jun 22,2011 at 10:30 AM

  72. anas elattar says:

    identify thje lanhuage

  73. ibrahim says:

    חיר עיוני? שו אלסירה? אבל כל שי יעטיקי אלעאפייה

  74. priscilla says:

    I recenly tried to use this site to find out what language my friend speaks but everytime I type in something like “dostora vacation to shesh hoye ashlo… vacation ta jotil katse…ak ​hon sudhu clg e ferar chinta…k ​harap lagtese… ​bohut moja korsi” I get either tagalog or something else then whatever languges it told me I went to googletranslate,that laungauge….then the sentence to english it did not work:( tryed it many times diff sentence and diff language……and nothing…….if any1 knows this language do no hesitate to reply: ) Ty!!!

  75. òîâà òè a̎ í a̎îáõî a̎èìî

    I recently tried to translate in google and your page the preceeding caption (from a movie I am downloading).
    The nearest translation available was Afrikaans (the symbol a̎ is a translator’s blip, it is a with ” on top), that translated the untouched portion of the sentence as “your eyes” in english and spanish.

    If any luck, please e-mail me the correct answer.

    Sincerely yours


  76. Deanna says:

    Հարավային Կորեա, պաշտոնապես հայտնի որպես Կորեայի Հանրապետություն (կորեերեն՝ 대한민국) — պետություն Արևելյան Ասիայում, որը զբաղեցնում է Կորեական թերակղզու հարավային մասը։

    I put this paragraph in and it said Korean, which it’s not.

  77. Jamie says:

    This is an awesome website i  it.

  78. Anonymous says:

    Henrik: Tried several times to have a short sentence identify the language so I can then have it translated but your program was either too busy or isn’t currently available for users.

  79. Mark says:


    I’m doing a touch of research on the page http://hmar.in/hmar/gospel-centenary-lawm
    to get an online translation but I can’t even get the language recognised yet. Your page tells me it is cebuano, but I doubt it.

    Take care! And above all relax and have fun!

  80. Anonymous says:

    thanks for tool you’re a great man!

  81. clyde says:

    can you apply in your tool the all languages in the world?

  82. Kate says:

    Look at this its 2012 and your still getting comments, Id like to say Thank You for a job well done and helping others,

    Even though I couldnt workout what my bit of text was Im still grateful to you. x

    1.Îòêëþ÷èòüñÿ îò èíòåðíåòà è ó ñòàíîâèòü ïðîãðàììó.

  83. ALARA says:

    como stas muchachito? ya me operaron do pie todo bien….stoy estudiando el lunes empiezo la escuela besitos..claro k me acuerdo! todo bien, ya stoy operada…todo bien


    ¿Cómo estás muchacha? Ya me operaron dos pies todo bien…. Estoy estudiando lunes empiezo a la escuela besicos…. ¡claro que me acuerdo! Todo bien, ya mi operada…todo bien.

    IS: Spanish, TRANSLATION:

    How are you girl? Since I had surgery of my two feet, everything’s been all good…. I am studying Monday starting at the basic school…. Of course I remember! It’s all good, since my operation…all good.

    Now that I got that tick out of the way, I’m not so happy with the translator. It decides EVERYTHING is Filipino/Tagalog, or Cebuano, whereas it is actually Spanish, German, Italian, English, etc. It’s a novel idea but it’s just horrendously inaccurate.

    “Yo fui al mercado ayer con mi mejor amiga.” – Spanish
    “I went to the market yesterday with my best friend.”
    What it decided:
    Tagalog (Filipino)
    What it would actually be in Tagalog:
    “Nagpunta ako sa merkado kahapon sa aking pinakamatalik na kaibigan.”

    Spanish looks NOTHING like Filipino…I suggest you fix this bug! ;)

  84. Marge says:

    If you had a “like” I would have shared this on FB.

  85. Faith says:

    Thank you! We had narrowed the possibilities down to German or Dutch through Swedish and Norweigan friends. It is German.

  86. Bianca says:

    If you had a “like” I would put this over Google Plus.

  87. christine says:

    Doesn’t recognise Welsh or Gaelic.

  88. Erin says:

    I noticed, I can’t get a result using Internet Explorer, but when I use FireFox, I get a result instantly and the result is always right.

    I think most people think the Top Results Right Now
    is where the answer is. I notice many people say the site said the language they entered was Tagalog, but I think they are looking at that list. I initially thought that was a list of possible languages as I think many other do. It’d be good to clear that up.

  89. Max says:

    Try this article in detector: http://www.cnn.com/2012/06/08/tech/blind-spot-mirror-patent/index.html

    It says the language is: Tagalog (Filipino).

  90. Geri says:

    I too have I.E. for my browser with Windows 7. I typed in Jesus est codamne a mort and the translator is still spinning around “loading.” Tentative top picks were Tagalog (Filipino), Bosnian, Spanish, Croation, or German. Way wrong, except for Spanish also being a romance language. It’s simple French, as you probably know. Translation: Jesus is condemned to death (Title of First Station of the Cross). Why does it not translate with I.E.?

  91. Anirvan Sen says:

    yo me voy pa mi casa esto pinta muy mal

    Mr Falck, I found that this is Spanish, but wlit.com was giving filipino. HOPE IT HELPS ! :-)

  92. I loved it. . . this is the one good and helpful tool for me

  93. Talia says:

    You need Tibetan.

  94. James says:

    can anyone help me? i can’t write the characters because i don’t know how to write them i have a photo of the piece of paper and i wonder if somebody can help me to find out what kind of language is this? thanks

  95. Anonymous says:

    මහණෙනි, පරීක්‍ෂා කිරීමේ බලය කවරේද? මහණෙනි, මෙලොව ඇතැමෙක් මෙසේ පරීක්‍ෂා කරයි. (කෙසේද?) කාය දුශ්චරිතයාගේ ලාමකවූ විපාකය වනාහි මේ ආත්ම භාවයෙහිද, පරලොවෙහිද වේ. වාග් දුශ්චරිතයාගේ ලාමකවූ විපාකය වනාහි මේ ආත්ම භාවයෙහිද, පරලොවෙහිද වේ. මනො දුශ්චරිතයාගේ ලාමකවූ විපාකය වනාහි මේ ආත්ම භාවයෙහිද, පරලොවෙහිද වේය කියායි. හෙතෙම මෙසේ නුවණින් සලකා බලා කාය දුශ්චරිතය හැර කාය සුචරිතය වඩයි. වාග් දුශ්චරිතය හැර වාග් සුචරිතය වඩයි
    please add this language too. This is called Sinhalease, using in Sri Lanka

  96. sunil says:

    የመድሓንት ሽያጭ (identify)

  97. Loup Solitaire says:

    Takes Bashkir language for Bulgarian.

  98. random girl says:

    i wrote something in dutch and it said it was african!!!!

  99. B Guinn says:

    So excited to know of this site. Most helpful and interesting. Thank you!

  100. Elias Hedberg says:

    Very interesting site, but it often gets languages wrong. Last example: “Rrëmben 4 persona: Dua një picë dhe një” (it’s supposedly Albanian but whatlanguageisthis.com concludes it’s Italian)

  101. Wow, fantastic blog structure! How long have you ever been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The entire look of your site is wonderful, as smartly as the content material!

  102. Mohamed Aslam says:

    I am facing an interview.. I am asked to do the following development with in 3 days…

    “Language Problem
    You are given a number of files from a number of different human languages. All languages use the Latin alphabet A to Z; case can be ignored and the only punctuation characters are . , ; : and single space characters separating words. For example, you might have the files FRENCH.1, GAELIC.2 to GAELIC.9, ENGLISH.1 to ENGLISH.6 and so on.
    Given a file TEXT.txt in the same format but of unknown origin, Develop a program to identify its language.”

    can you help me.. plz….

  103. Fess says:

    Tried to identify language, and it didn’t work. After it I found that it was Oria language, 23 mil people uses it. Please add, maybe someont will find it useful.

  104. Bern says:

    Hi, I have a written unknown language letter and was wondering if I could scan and E-Mail it to you to identify.

    If so please send me your E-Mail adress.
    I would appreciate any help you can give me with this.


  105. Anonymous says:

    this is not working.it can’t traslate properly.when it is unable to trnslate thn it suggest olnly name “tagalo, Philipino language”

  106. Sam says:

    Hi Henrik: I am blown away! you identified a name I sent you (Shawzah Haizan) as Newar from Nepal Bhasa. Only 10 users. Can you tell me more about those 10 users? Any history on the culture of the language users? Anything? History of the language or culture? Thanks, Sam

  107. Hans says:

    Very nice! Works great!
    I assume that the code for this is not publicly available?

  108. Anonymous says:

    the language i entered is not tagalog, like it says

  109. Nice post. I used to be checking continuously this blog and I’m impressed! Extremely useful info particularly the final phase :) I maintain such info much. I used to be seeking this particular information for a long time. Thanks and best of luck.

  110. Sofia says:

    Dear Mr Falck,

    Congratulations for your language identifier. It seems amazing.
    I have to make a language identification tool for my dissertation and it would be really helpful if you gave some tips on how you implemented this tool. I am really desperate..
    I am searching for bibliography and I find algorithms in mathematics that seem really difficult. I do not have a specific guideline on what I am going to do, they told my I am free to implement it as I want and it does not need to be perfect.
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