Karl Henrik Falck
ファルク, カール ヘンリック
Call me Henrik.



Highly skilled at programming in C, C++, C#, Java, Ruby, JavaScript, Python, PHP, SQL, CSS, and HTML, among others, and will learn anything else in no time. I work with development tools such as emacs, gcc, gdb, make, git, svn, and also Microsoft tools such as Visual Studio and MS Project, as well as Eclipse and Android Studio. I have experience with many tools for embedded systems. I run a number of web sites, services, and web-based games on a hobby basis, and am proficient in Ruby on Rails, Google AppEngine, Amazon Web Services, and other web and cloud platforms. I enjoy creating graphics, design, and composing and producing music.


Professional Experience

Founder of Mezurashico

Tokyo, Japan; Apr 2013 — present

Started my software engineering company Mezurashico, LLC. Focusing on mobile and web development, Android applications, and cloud technology. Consulting and in-house development.

Software Architect at Mytrax

Tokyo, Japan; Sept 2011 — present

At the center of the collision between music, software, internet, mobile, and Japanese business culture. Designing and building mobile, PC, and web apps for music consumers, and the server backends and infrastructure that support them.

Product Architect at Teknologix

Tokyo, Japan; June 2010 — Sept 2011

Leading the development of a custom application for one of our clients, shipping on many of KDDI au's BREW handsets. Design and development of custom Android applications for various clients. Continuous development of our core code and support for clients' projects that we maintain.

Senior Software Engineer at Khazana

Tokyo, Japan; June 2009 — July 2011

Leading the development of Khazana's LiquidFlow UI engine. Worked together with customers, including major East Asian OEMs, on integrating LiquidFlow with their platforms, and developing and customizing the technology in accordance with customer requirements.

Contributing to the development of Khazana's SMAP UI framework for BREW, Android, and other platforms. Using SMAP and LiquidFlow I create new, innovative software products. Developing custom apps running on all three major Japanese mobile networks (NTT DoCoMo, KDDI au, and SoftBank) on Java MIDP and DoJa, BREW, and Android.

Together with our partner companies, leading the development of an application shipped on almost all devices sold by one of the major mobile network operators in Japan.

Embedded Software Engineer at Picsel Technologies

Tokyo, Japan; Nov 2007 — May 2009

Developing embedded software on BREW (KDDI au), EMP (Softbank), MOAP(S) (NTT DoCoMo). I was project manager for the first delivery of Picsel's Document Viewer product for Sharp/KDDI handsets, which included frequent, daily email communication in Japanese with the customer.

Worked within the Porting & Integration team focusing on optimizing performance of new products and new platform code, as well as assisting and code reviewing other developers as a specialist on BREW and KDDI Common Platform (KCP+). The main development I did at this time was on the product that formed the basis for Picsel's Digital Content Suite product.

Assigned as the Japan office “guru” on the new User Interface Platform, part of Picsel's User Experience initiative. Providing technical assistance for one of our main customers deploying the UI Platform, a major Japanese handset manufacturer.

Software Developer at Opera Software

Linköping, Sweden; Jan 2005 — Sept 2005
Tokyo, Japan; Oct 2005 — Nov 2007

Developing, debugging, and porting the Opera web browser on Japanese mobile handsets. I was hired to work on projects towards Japanese customers. Worked 9 months at the Linköping, Sweden office — out of which I spent 2 months working on-site at a customer's R&D center in Yokohama, Japan — before transferring to the Tokyo office.

Lead developer for the 2007 summer model deliveries to various handset manufacturers. This included frequent meetings with KDDI, and regular meetings with handset manufacturers. I also implemented new features for that year's summer model software.

My work involved communicating with development, QA, and sales teams in Tokyo, Sweden, Poland, and Norway. Worked on the development of the au one gadgets platform, including frequent development meetings with KDDI and handset manufacturers.

I also took any chance I could get to assist the sales and marketing people when needed, and represented Opera Software at the Widgets Live! conference about web technology-based widgets, held a presentation at CSS Nite vol. 19, also on the topic of widgets, and did a seminar on the Opera Widgets platform at The Days of Web Standards, 2007 in Akihabara, Tokyo.


MSc, Software Engineering, Information Technology program at Linköping Institute of Technology

Linköping, Sweden; 2000 — 2005

Rare among engineering educations, this program employs problem-based learning and a more integrated curriculum than traditional engineering programs. Still with a solid base in electronical engineering, mathematics, programming, and physics. I have yet to write my Master's thesis.

Swetech, East Asian business culture program at Linköping University

Sweden, China, Korea, and Japan; 2004 — 2005

Post-graduate East Asian culture and business culture program for engineers and inter-cultural communication graduates, including field trip to companies, universities, embassies, and government offices in East Asia.

Japanese Language & Japan Studies at Linköping University

Linköping, Sweden; 2002 — 2004, half time